Happy Turtle paper straws x 380 standard


Go big and try the box.


We are happy to support this lovely company, the Happy Turtle Co.

Their straws are:

  • 6mm x 210mm
  • Made with FSC certified paper
  • FDA approved
  • biodegradable
  • compostable
  • recyclable
  • no petrochemicals used in any of the manufacturing
  • strong
  • durable
  • lovingly packaged

Their profits go straight into the Happy Turtle Foundation which directly benefits both the local and international efforts for reducing the negative impacts of plastics on the marine environment, ensuring Happy Turtles!

For each sale made, they have also kindly donated 20% of each sale back to us to help keep beaches, streets and green spaces litter free.

Other sizes and bundles available:


Standard paper straws (6mm x 210mm)
1 x bundle (25)                                                            £2.75
Value bundle x 5                                                        £11.25



Jumbo Paper straws (10mm x 210mm)
Single bundle (20)                                                      £2.75
Value bundle x 5 (100)                                               £11.95
Box (120)                                                                         £13.75





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