Handiscoop Pro Small (18″)


We all need a Handiscoop in our lives. We hate dog mess. Yuk!


By our official Litterpicker partner, Helping Hand.

Handiscoop Small features:

  • No need to touch the stuff – just scoop it up!
  • Smaller than the large at 18″ length but still effective
  • Made from 10% recycled materials
  • It’s lightweight and portable so you can take it anywhere
  • It doesn’t matter what surface you are picking up the mess from – sand, gravel, grass – it works a treat anywhere
  • Total price includes product price, VAT and shipping costs – serviced by The Helping Hand Company

The Helping Hand Company is a UK manufacturer of Litter Clearance Tools. Helping Hand will donate a percentage of each sale back to #2minutebeachclean.