GUPPYFRIEND Machine Washing Bag


By buying this bag and using it with every wash you will help stop the tiniest microfibers being released from your washing machine into the Sea. Let’s shout about this! It takes 2 minutes to change. What a great #2minutesolution.

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We are pleased to be selling this amazing little gem of a bag called The GUPPYFRIEND. It is the first solution created by a group of surfers and nature lovers to prevent microfibers from our clothes and textiles from entering our Oceans.

We all know that Microfibers from our clothes and textiles harm our environment.
All of our clothes lose fibres in the washing machine.
Most of us use the washing machine every day.
We all want to be able to help.

  • GUPPYFRIEND lets in the soapy water so your clothes are washed and cleaned as usual
  • After two to three washes, collect the trapped fibres and put them in the bin
  • It is made from Polyamide 6.6 and is untreated, undyed, does not contain any additives and is made in Europe
  • The bag acts as a protector to clothes and reduces wear and tear to items (what a bonus)
  • It is a daily reminder to think before you wash. Do you really need to wash your items as much as you do?

“Use the bag every time you put a wash on. Shove your clothes in, zip it up, bung it in and smile because this #2minutesolution has helped reduce the environmental impact of microfibres in our waterways”

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