Clean River Kit #2minutelitterpick


Tidy up safely. Help to keep the rivers and streams clean and tidy for both the wildlife and your community to enjoy. Hashtag your clean #2minutelitterpick and we will shout about your hardwork.

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By our official Litterpicker partner, Helping Hand.

Here’s something you definitely need for your #2minutelitterpick

This is going to help you reach that pesky bit of litter that is either too far down a bank, or has just floated out of reach.

Clean River Kit includes: 

  • A long Litterpicker for easy reaching
  • A standard size Litterpicker for tidying up the pathways where litter often collects
  • A Handihoop bag opener to keep your large bin bag open when collecting wet and heavy items
  • An Adult Hi-Vis vest helps you stay visible wherever you are, whatever time of day
  • Durable Adult PVC Gloves keeps your hands protected

The Helping Hand Company is a UK manufacturer of Litter Clearance Tools. For every litter picking item ordered, Helping Hand will donate a percentage of each sale back to #2minutebeachclean.

“Now you have all you need to be safe on your #2minutelitterpick”