Your own #2minute station

Could you be the owner of one of our #2minute station? Would you like to be a guardian of a station? Want to raise funds to get one? We can help. Contact with any questions or take a look at all of our station options where you’ll find the forms that will get you into our production queue.


People love our #2minutebeachclean #2minutelitterpick and #2minutestreetclean stations. Why not buy one for your business or organisation?

  • £340 + VAT per generic station (no personalisation)
  • £375 + VAT per standard station (your logos and choice of icons)
  • £350 + VAT plus an extra £100 (bespoke station design)
  • Free delivery thanks to Surfdome
  • Our huge social media following will all see you’re part of our #2minutebeachclean family and we’ll promote that. Wow!
  • Go to to see our design and read our terms
  • Contact for more information

“Help us to place these on every beach in Britain by buying a station for your local beach”